Thursday, 13 January 2011

PR students about social media importance for any industry

PR students share their opinion on social media importance for business. Find out what interesting tips they have for you and kick off your business out to the social media world.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bloggin for begginers

Blogging is a huge and changing sphere. To stand out from the crowd one must offer something unusual. Be it a new approach to a viral matter or disclosure of some interesting facts. There are some other ways to get people to visit your webpage. You don't need to be an expert politics commentator or Julian Assange to arouse interest.
First of all: do not try to appeal to 'everyone' - recognize the audience you want to reach - recognize their interests - find out what and who influence them - what entertains them? Pick up on what you and your audience have in common. Answer the question: do I have something interesting to say in this matter?

Once you know what to talk about - stick to that. It is not recommended to change the blog theme - let your audience be a reliable source on one topic.

For more information about blogging, dos & donts and other tips for successful blogging, take a look at this presentation: